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The Natural Dawg Story

I am Lisa Anne Zilney, the face behind Natural Dawg. My husband and I have two furry friends, Annie (Norwegian Elkhound) and Tennessen (Border Collie). We love to play disc and hike, and enjoy the quiet of eastern Pennsylvania. I enjoy finding natural products my dogs can thrive on, and am thrilled to share EM technology holistic tick-prevention products with the USA.

Natural Dawg began with EM holistic tick collars: EM technology is routinely used to prevent ticks/fleas in Europe and Canada, and is a great option for families that want to avoid chemicals. I have used EM tick collars (in addition to a holistic spray) for several years on my dogs with success and felt like it was time to make this technology readily available in the USA. So, Natural Dawg was born in April 2021. I make custom EM collars, as well as EM anklets/bracelets. I also sell fun dog toys, healthy treats, training tools, and the awesome Knobby Nail File. Many products I sell support the work of other small businesses.

I am a huge supporter of animal rescues: a minimum of 10% of net profits from Natural Dawg are ALWAYS donated to animal related organizations! Rescues close to my heart are: Glen Highland Farm (GHF), John Nelson Moosedog Rescue Fund (JNMRF), Garden State Norwegian Elkhound Club (GSNEC), and East Coast Herding Dog Organization Rescue (ECHO).

Natural Dawg: The best for your best friend!

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