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EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms® and refers to a family of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. The main product, EM·1®, is a liquid bacterial product comprising 3 groups of microbes: Yeast, Photosynthetic Bacteria, and Lactic Acid Bacteria. EM·1® works together with local and native beneficial microbes, creating a synergy among microorganisms and larger forms of life. All products using EM Technology® contain EM·1® in some part of their manufacturing process. EM™ ceramics emit far infrared waves, which are highly compatible with human/animal tissue. Because the infrared rays penetrate the tissue, they work deep into body tissue, not just on the surface of the skin. The improved and balanced environment in your dog (created by EM) can help keep ticks/fleas from attaching. It is suggested that the ticks/fleas dislike the changed environment that the collar creates. They are made by fermenting a special clay with about 80 different microorganisms (EM) and then baked. Baked at 1200C, during this process the structure of the clay changes, trapping the EM within its matrix. As a result, EM pipes exert their influence through their physical properties and the effect remains for many months.

DOES IT WORK? Independent research has been conducted regarding what effect changing the levels of microoragnisms has on the microbiome (microorganisms in an environment, such as the body or part of the body). Amon & Sanderson (2017) in an article entitled What is the Microbiome? Suggested that “manipulation of the microbiota as a therapeutic tool is a rapidly advancing field in microbiome research” (Archives of Disease in Childhood: Education & Practice Edition). In 2018, Graey led research published in Parasites & Vectors that said: “an understanding of the factors that influence the microbiome, and the role of the microbiome, provides new avenues to be explored for TBD control. Most tick and TBD control strategies focus on the use of acaricides and vaccines; however, tick populations can become resistant to chemical acaricides, and vaccine development takes an average of ten years. Strategies could be developed to manipulate the tick microbiome to decrease the vectorial capacity of ticks by hindering pathogen acquisition, development, and horizontal and vertical transmission, which could have a long-term impact on TBP transmission and could ultimately reduce morbidity and mortality caused by TBDs. In the field of human microbiome research, investigations of metabolic, signaling and immune interactions between gut microbes and host physiology have led to the concept of therapeutic microbial manipulation to treat or prevent diseases.” This is very promising preliminary research which suggests that microorganisms can work to alter parasite behavior: through manipulating the balance in the environment, effects on the body can be seen. This supports existing EM technology anecdotal reports.

Amon, P., & Sanderson, I.R. (2017). What is the microbiome? Archives of Disease in Childhood: Education & Practice Edition, 102, 257 - 260.

Greay, T.L., Gofton, A.W., Paparini, A. et al. Recent insights into the tick microbiome gained through next-generation sequencing. Parasites Vectors 11, 12 (2018).

Does EM technology work?

The key to any tick prevention is finding ticks early with daily tick checks! While EM collars are designed to repel ticks, you still need to be vigilant. Holistic tick control methods may need to be multi-faceted. During high tick times, I combine the EM collar with a holistic tick tag, as well as a holistic tick spray when we hike. Remember that no prevention method is 100% (chemical or holistic!). Do not panic if you find a tick on your dog! Check daily and remove ticks as soon as possible. The quicker they are removed, the less risk of transmitting tick-borne diseases.

Can I use other tick prevention with an EM collar?

Absolutely! During high tick season, I use a natural tick repellent tag on my dogs, and apply a holistic tick-repellent spray when we hike. I also have tick tubes in my yard. 

I have several customers that use the EM collars in addition to a chemical tick-repellent treatment during high tick season, and use just the EM collar when ticks are less common (ie winter).

What are the difference styles of collars? 


The adjustable braid and cobra have dangly pieces in order to adjust the collars. If this will bother your pups, you should choose another option. The adjustable cobra is more durable than the braid and best for dogs that tend to play rough or roll themselves on the ground.

The friendship style is adjustable using a slide closure and is great for puppies/dogs that may be bothered by the dangly pieces. 

There are non-adjustable options as well (biothane and plastic buckle closure). Both require an accurate neck measurement!


Can my puppy or nursing bitch wear an EM collar?


Yes! There is no age limit and it is safe for nursing bitches. The friendship style is probably the best choice for puppies.


Does EM work against fleas?

Some EM customers say yes, some say no. I have never had an issue with fleas while my dogs are using EM collars.


Does the EM collar repel mosquitoes or other bugs?


No. Though Natural Dawg sells a great holistic spray to help with other bugs. 


What if my dog is prone to allergies? 


The only allergies you need to worry about with an EM collar are nylon (from the paracord), alloy metals (from the charms, beads, or hardware on the biothane adapter), or plastic (from the plastic buckle closure or cord lock stoppers). If your dog has any of these issues, reach out to me before ordering about potential solutions.


Can I touch my dog when s/he is wearing the EM collar?

Yes! The EM technology is a holistic product that does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

What if my dog plays rough with other dogs?

If you want, you can remove the EM collar for playtime. 


What if my dog ingests an EM ceramic?

The EM ceramic is small enough to pass if accidently ingested. As well, it contains no harmful chemicals, so you don't need to worry about toxicity. That said, you should ensure your dog doesn't make a habit of chewing on their collar.
How often should my dog wear the EM collar?


For the first month, your dog should wear the collar continuously. After that, you can remove for bedtime, or leave it on. My dogs wear theirs 24/7. If you are bathing your dog or they are swimming in a chlorinated pool, the collar should be removed. 

What if my dog is going swimming?


If your dog is swimming in a chlorinated pool, remove the collar. Otherwise, water is fine!


Can I use an EM collar on my cat?

Yes! Natural Dawg makes breakaway EM collars especially for cats.

How do I care for the EM collar?

Daily wear and tear on the clay pipes will decrease their effectiveness. This means dirt from your dog playing, oil from the skin, and contact with chemicals (which should be avoided). The EM ceramics should be cleaned regularly with warm water only! Do not use soap or anything other than warm water. You can clean the pipes with a brush if you like, so as to remove dirt from the center. Lay flat in the sun to dry! 


Paracord is Made in the USA, resistant to mold, and quick drying.


Because the EM pipes are ceramic, they can break! Especially if your dog engages in regular rough and mouthy play with other dogs. Each collar contains more ceramics than necessary to repel ticks, so if one or two break, the effectiveness will not be reduced. 

Collars should be replaced every 10-12 months in general. If your dog engages in extra wear, or several ceramics have broken, you may need to replace more frequently. The general rule however, it to replace each tick season. The EM ceramics do lose their effectiveness over time.


Remember that it can take up to 4 weeks for the collar to be its most effective. During this time, you may want to use a backup method and ensure you do tick checks daily. 

Are there any additional precautions?


If you live in a multi-pet household where your dogs chew on each other's collars, remove when the dogs are not supervised. While paracord is tough, it is not chew proof! I cannot offer replacement collars that have been damaged due to rough play or chew time. 


Never attach a leash to an EM tick collar. There is no leash clip and these collars are not designed for that purpose. 




This product is 100% holistic and does NOT come with a guarantee of effectiveness! Some tick repellent products will work better for your pets than others! I am not a veterinary professional and am not offering veterinary advice. Individuals throughout Europe, the US, and Canada have use EM collars with success: this means with either no ticks or a significant reduction in the number of ticks. Evidence provided here is not intended to replace consultation with your veterinarian. As mentioned, I prefer a holistic approach to tick management and EM collars have worked exceptionally well for my dogs in combination with other holistic methods (tick tags, tick tubes, holistic sprays).

EM-1®  microbial products are USDA Organic certified through CCOF. This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. EM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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